Coach: The Life and Times of Clive Barker is the insightful official biography of South Africa's most successful and longest serving national football coach and arguably the fan favourite from amongst the numerous coaches since South Africa's re-admittance to international sport in 1992.

Delving back into his early pre-coaching days gives an insight into the man himself, whilst numerous anecdotes from former players at both club and international level provide an in-depth but entertaining look into his coaching style and ability.

His successes at club level with Durban City, Durban Bush Bucks, and AmaZulu made him a natural choice for coach of Bafana Bafana ('The Boys, The Boys'), the affectionate nickname given to the South African national football team.

Clive Barker is a legend in South African football and the book examines various themes in his life, from his pre-coaching days and how he avoided bankruptcy by driving taxis, to his early coaching jobs at an amateur level, into the professional ranks with Durban City, then Bush Bucks, to AmaZulu and then to the position as national coach.

'Steve Tackles Life' provides young readers with a story that tests the emotions: from sadness to joy and to cheering on our hero who has to fight the same life battles that we all do.

Magic, sorcery and superpowers are very much in fashion as far as books go but I wanted to give this a real-life story, something most readers can identify with.

Every child goes through life learning lessons along the way. Sometimes they aren't easy ones. They're actually really tough, but those are the lessons that we need to learn.

Steve is our hero not because he can cast spells, slay dragons or take out evil villains. He's our hero because he never gives up despite the obstacles he has had to overcome in his life.

Inspiring Champions In Sport, Business and Life

In this book, co-authored with Michael Marnewick, Sports Psychologist Dr Henning Gericke brings together years of experience in working with champions, helping them to develop their dreams, empowering them with the mental skills, resilience and composure to achieve them, as well as instilling the winning habits which are crucial to the champion mindset.

Each of the 41 chapters discusses a crucial aspect of the champion's journey effectively, blending principles of psychology, Eastern philosophy, inspiring anecdotes and powerful quotations.

After each chapter, Gericke draws on his impressive repertoire of South African champions, and famous sports stars and coaches to share their personal "Green and Gold Stories" and add muster to his teachings.

A Life Less Ordinary: Our Journey with ADD

There should be no shame whatsoever with ADD. Just as sportsmen, sportswomen and sporting teams have a range of physical and mental coaches to assist them in harnessing their inner and outer strengths in their own quests for greatness, so we avoid any kind of negative stigma attached to the condition of ADD where sufferers too needs strong people around them to help them achieve their own potential.

The more open we are about it, the less likely people are to think of it in emotionally-charged ways. When we found out Julia had ADD, we were shocked, horrified and saddened. We all have a story to tell and this is ours.

Quest For Glory - Successes in South African Sport

South Africa’s sportsmen and women have achieved huge success. World champions and record-breakers, they have dominated sport internationally in the fields of rugby, cricket, swimming and soccer, to name a few.

Quest for Glory examines sporting success through the eyes of numerous South Africa sports personalities, including Gary Player, Bruce Fordyce, Penny Heyns, Ryk Neethling, Baby Jake Matlala, Naas Botha, François Pienaar, Gary Teichmann, Bob Skinstad, John Smit, Paul Treu, Shaun Pollock, Oscar Pistorius, Clive Barker and Tim Noakes.

The book investigates questions such as: What defines success? What makes a good team great? How important is the role of mental application? What makes a team lose when they are expected to win, or win when they are expected to lose? How do successful teams and individuals plan and prepare effectively? In doing so, it considers a range of fascinating topics, including big-match temperament, the pyramid of success, mental toughness, self-confidence and self-belief.

Insightful, entertaining and inspiring, Quest for Glory uncovers the key to sporting success.